Can I Get Pregnant With Prolapsed Uterus?

Wondering About Prospects Of Pregnancy With Prolapsed Uterus? Read More!

Are you planning to start a family? If yes, then you are at risk. A prolapse typically befalls when the ligaments holding up the pelvic floor stretch considerably during pregnancy and childbirth, triggering the uterus to descend. This in turn shoves the bowel and/or bladder against the vaginal walls. The first sign for lots of females that they have a prolapse is a scary external protuberance of the vagina, often befalling after a stint of heavy lifting or a bowel movement. The hazard of prolapse is greater if you are an individual with generally stretchy ligaments (all that cawing about being able to do the splits may return back to trouble you), have glitches with constipation, and it also upsurges with every subsequent pregnancy. A prolapse is not a medical emergency, and one can just live with the signs. However, there is something exclusively disheartening and uncomfortable about it.

Treatments for uterine prolapse consist of surgical and non-surgical alternatives, the choice of which will depend on overall health, the severity of the ailment and plans for a future pregnancy. If you ask can I get pregnant with prolapsed uterus, pregnancy during uterine prolapse is conceivable and that cautious assessment is needed to avert complications during delivery. As per some studies, an elective caesarean section near term could be the safest approach of delivery. While the hazard of prolapse is abridged somewhat by caesarean birth, sidestepping vaginal birth will not eradicate the probability totally.