How Herbal Medicine Works



The Ayurvedic medicine for Uterus Prolapse works on the Principle of Ayurveda .In the theory of Ayurveda there are three forces which are called TRI-DOSHA (VATA,PITTA and KAPHA).If these DOSHAS are in equilibrium then person will remain healthy .If any DOSHA is vitiated then we fall ill.

In the case of YONI-BHRANSHA (Prolapsed Uterus) there is always aggravation of VATA DOSHA . To treat this problem we have to pacify VATA DOSHA firstly.


In Ayurveda there is a term GRAHI , it means to retain a thing at its own place .Other terms which are SAMAN VAYU and APAN VAYU also play an important role .SAMAN VAYU if is in normal state then it keeps digestion and metabolism fit. APAN VAYU is a force which acts downwardly and if aggravated it can lead to dislodge the organ (Uterus).


Our Ayurvedic Medicine and its ingredients have the property to tone up the Supporting system (Pelvic Muscles, Ligaments and strengthen the support of Uterus to keep it on its own place). Our herbal medicine pacify APAN VAYU which is always considered to dislodge the Uterus thus the Medicine strengthen, tone up and has Astringent effect (narrowing of the Vaginal canal). Herbal treatment of uterus prolapsed is devised to provide optimum satisfaction and effective results without having to undergo any surgical procedure.



This miraculous herbal medicine is a wondrous ayurvedic medicine for uterus prolapse which isn’t required to be taken every few hours or at constant intervals during the day, but has to take one herbal medicine dose in the morning empty stomach. This herbal medicine is the best option for those who do not want to go under surgery for Prolapsed Uterus.


How ayurvedic medicine works


The herbal medicine for prolapse uterus works on the principle of Ayurveda and has the following properties to work on Uterus


Plants Natural Affinity To A Particular Tissue:

Ayurveda describes several plants which have their natural affinity to a particular Dhatu ( Tissue ) as Saracaindica tends to concentrate in the uterus and their ability to combine with other ingredients to carry them to a particular site .

We treat Uterine Prolapse by our herbal formulations on the principle of Ayurveda .



Medicine has the property of GRAHI which helps the Uterus to retain in its correct anatomical position because the medicine has some plant polysaccharides which has the property of adhesion and thus binds the uterine tissues and reduces the Relaxation, Bulk and bulging of the Uterus.



Another factor is SAMAN VAYU which aids the process of digestion, Metabolism and helps in releasing the pressure and stress on pelvic floor muscles in its normal state but if vitiated it may increase pressure and heaviness in pelvic region.



The role of APAN VAYU is to regulate the process of excretion. Mainly all the pelvic organs of excretion depend on the quality of APAN VAYU . If this VATT- DOSH ( APAN VAYU) is vitiated it may exert down ward force and can dislodge the organ gradually


Herbal Medicine is used and consumed to pacify the DOSH also , to retain the organ in its own place. Herbal Medicine does not cause any complications, side effects and has no toxicity, Heavy metals and cortisone.


The ayurvedic medicine for uterus prolapse is safe and improves the health of Pelvic region. It is the target area of the ayurvedic medicine which gets strengthened.


In the long clinical experiences it is also noticed that it improves the problem of incontinence, Cystocele and Rectocele. Uterus prolapse is a awkward condition and it needs timely medication to cure it permanently. With advantage of Ayurvedic medicine it is now possible to cure it completely without surgery.


Causes of Uterus Prolapsed

1) Application of Forceps during labour.
2) Stretched and Weakened Pelvic Support (Muscles Fibrous Tissues and Broad, Round and Anterior Posterior Mackenrodt or Cardinal Ligaments).
3) Perineal injury.
4) Repeated Labour.
5) Weakness of Abdominal and Perineal Muscles.
6) Causes giving rise Intra-abdominal Pressure (Various Tumors , Chronic Constipation and Chronic Bronchitis.
7) Improper Involution.
8) More common after Menopause(Loss of Estrogen Hormone).
9) Being Overweight and obese.
10) Condition that put pressure on the Pelvic Muscles as Chronic Cough, Chronic Constipation and Obesity.


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    My name is Sunita, Age 32 years belong to Muzaffarnagar(U.P). I was feeling that something descending down through my Vagina and also feeling of heaviness in the pelvic region from last 3 years .I consulted various doctors and every one suggested me for surgery than I came to know about Kalptaru Ayush Therapy Centre through website than I contacted to the centre and told them about my problem .The Centre suggested me about a herbal medicine to rectify this problem. I took the medicine for 3 months only one dose per day .After 3 months I recovered completely from Prolapsed Uterus and the other symptoms related to this problem automatically subsided. Thanks to Doctor and staff of Kalptaru Ayush Therapy Centre for my complete and permanent recovery from Uterus Prolapsed.

    Sunita, Age 32
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    Hi I am Namita from Haldwani, I was suffering from prolapsed uterus and was very much upset for the same as there was no proper treatment from hospitals which I have consulted, but when I have heard of Kalpatru Ayush Therapy Center from one of our known person then me and my husband called there and took a appointment in the month of January 2015, after being through proper treatment of about 3 months now I fit and fine. Thank You Doctor Sahab.

    Namita, Age 38
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    My name is Rekha and my age is 34 I am from Lucknow, I would like to thank to Kalpatru Ayush Therapy Center for their best efforts and for the social cause too. They have treated my uterus without fail that is in only 3 months. I was so shy about this problem and was feeling entrancement all this time when it was coming out, but now I am fine and would recommend Kalpatru Ayush Therapy Center to all who are suffering from this problem.

    Rekha, Age 34
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    I am Roshini from Westbengal .My age is 42 years . I was suffering from uterus prolapsed 3 stage along with mild Cystocele from last 6 years. Doctors suggested me for surgery but I was Afraid and don’t want any surgical interventions.

    While searching on internet i found Kalptaru herbal therapy centre . I took their herbal treatment for 7 months and now I am fully cured, Thanks to doctor and centre for make my life normal as before

    Roshini, Age 42
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    I can’t thank you enough, Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre for giving me the relief from such an unpleasant or painful condition. Thank you for treating me and saving me from undergoing the knife.

    Shreya, Age 32
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    I am Vaishali age 48 years from Maharashtra . I was suffering from Problem of Uterus Prolapsed grade 3 and mild Cystocele from last 4 years .My gynic told me that Surgery is the only option to get rid from both these problems but i don’t want to go for surgery . After doing some research i found Kalptaru Herbal Therapy centre .Centre is providing customised herbal Non Surgical Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapsed . I filled their patient information form and start taking treatment .After taking treatment for 6 months i fully recovered from my pelvic organ prolapsed . Best part of treatment is that you can take this treatment while doing your normal day to day activities .Thanks to centre and offcourse google also who helped me to get option for non surgical treatment of Uterus Prolapsed.

    Vaishali, Age 48
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    The treatment here is really very effective and work like as miracle in hopeless sitauation. For me result started to come within 15 days. within 5 month my illnesses reversed completely and I am leading a normal life. I am very thankful to Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre for their care. guidance and effective treatment. the treatment is also very hassle free and convenient.

    Seema Chahal, 38
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    I was suffering from uterine prolapsed grade 3 after my child birth . All doctors advised me for hysterectomy but I was looking for non surgical treatment of uterus prolapsed.

    I consulted with doctor of kalptaru herbal therapy centre and took their herbal treatment for 7 months now I am fully cured . Thanks to centre for their guidance during treatment

    Geeta, 38