Non-Surgical Treatment Of Uterus Prolapse

Do you or any of your friend is suffering from the condition known as Uterus Prolapsed? Are you looking for a Non surgical treatment of uterus prolapse? If yes, then, Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre is the right destination for you. Here you will get the non surgical treatment of uterus prolapse that saves you from the unbearable pain and trauma of operations. It is the best and the most safe and secure non surgical treatment for all such patients who are suffering from Uterus prolapsed.

With our 42 years of experience, we understand that the need of every human body is different, so, we hear your problem first and then recommend you the best non surgical treatment for the same.

Our Prolapse uterus treatment non surgical method is proven and has been serving and producing satisfied patient as the proof for the same. We have a long list of happy and satisfied patients, who can vouch for the benefits from our treatment without surgery. If you still have any doubt or query in your mind, then, feel free to ask. We are just a call away from you and always happy to help you regarding non surgical uterus prolapse treatment.


Uterus Prolapse Treatment Without Surgery

Ayurveda (Sanskrit Āyurveda, “life-knowledge”) or Ayurvedic treatment in India is an ancient Hindu medicine system derived from upaveda or commonly known as auxiliary knowledge in Vedic tradition. Medical practices adopted from this ayurvedic treatment offer an alternative medicine to patients who generally don’t want to go for surgeries or other forms of treatments. An ayurvedic treatment has gained more popular as the side-effects of medicines are negligible and often patients are cured without undergoing any pain and trauma of operations. Non surgical treatment of uterus prolapse is best treatment of prolapsed Uterus.

Ayurvedic treatment follows eight methods to cure different diseases. They are: Nadi (pulse), Mootra (urine), Mala (stool), Jihva (tongue), Shabda (speech), Sparsha (touch), Druk (vision), and Aakruti (appearance). Normally, practitioners following this medical stream offer cures by making use of the five senses.

In the case of Yoni-Bhranash (Uterus Prolapsed) there is always aggravation of VATA-DOSH which is one of the three DOSHAS( VATA,PITTA and KAPHA ). Uterus prolapse treatment without surgery is the correct cure for your condition, since, the patient is safe from any surgical procedures and any kind of side effects that may threaten due to surgery.


Non Surgical Treatment Of Uterine Prolapse Is Specialty Of Our Treatment

Our medicine is formulated from Poly herbal Formula (on principle of Ayurveda) as described in Ancient Ayurveda literature. The herbal medicine is time tested, researched and developed by traditional family of Ayurveda. This is a holistic treatment which comes from the land of Himalayas. The ingredients are grown organically. The ayurvedic medicine is targeted and result oriented. The herbal medicine is not prepared for commercial purpose. Ayurvedic Medicine is always prepared freshly only for our Patients.

Our special medicine is 100% natural and works to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments. Herbal Medicine is simple and convenient, with consumption of only a single dose per day (orally). After taking the complete course of ayurvedic medicine there shall be no chance of re-occurrence, or any kind of hormonal disturbances, or any adverse effects on bowel and bladder movement.

Being Purely Herbal Medicine does not contains any Heavy metals in any form so it has no any toxic effects. Herbs are free from Pesticides and microbial contaminants.


Benefits of Our Non Surgical Treatment Of Uterus Prolapse Over Surgical Treatment

1) No need to undergo any Surgery (Hysterectomy), surgery can adversely affect a ladies normal health.

2) No need of Pessaries.

3) No need of Hormonal (Estrogen) therapy which has some side effects.

4) No need of any local application or insertion of any Ointment or Oil.

5) No any side effects but improves the general condition of the Patient.

6) No chances of re occurrence.

7) Being an Ayurvedic Medicine the dose of the herbal medicine is single dose per day in Morning Hours

8) No chance of Bleeding P/V

9) No Chance of Hematoma, Nerve damage and pain full intercourse.

It is now crystal clear to you all the proven-benefits of non surgical uterus prolapse treatment. Call us today!


Specialty of Our Non Surgical Treatment

1) Our uterine prolapse non surgical treatment is designed to improve and strengthen the Uterine Support and also enhance the blood flow to the pelvis.

2) Uterus prolapse treatment without surgery helps improve to the tone and release the stress of pelvic floor muscles.

3) In Ayurveda some uterine tonic and uterine friendly herbs are described in ancient Ayurvedic literature as Ashok (Sarica Indica) and Lodhara (Symplocos Racimosa) etc. These herbal plants have a great role in nourishing and strengthening the Uterus and pelvic floor muscles and keeps the uterus healthy and toned.


Treatment of Prolapse Uterus without surgery

1) Non Surgical treatment of uterus Prolapse is designed to improve and strengthen the uterine support

2) Non Surgical treatment helps to enhance the poor – Levator tone bilaterally

3) To improve and enhance the tone and to significantly release the stress from the pelvic floor muscles. Thus, it offers medicinal repair of pelvic floor muscles.

In Ayurveda some uterine tonics and uterine friendly herbs are described which have a great role in nourishing and strengthening the uterus and pelvic floor muscles and also helps keep the Uterus healthy and well-toned.

Prolapse of bladder also called Anterior prolapse – when the posterior wall of bladder bulge into the anterior wall of vagina due to weakening of entire Pubo- cervical fascia ( Pelvic floor muscles )

Symptoms may be
1)Urinary symptoms

– More urgency and frequency of Urine

– Difficulty starting Urine stream

– Incomplete Urination

– Incontinence of Urine

2)Vaginal Symptoms

– A feeling of fullness and pressure in pelvis and vagina

– Feeling of vaginal bulge

– Also sometimes up to Vaginal hiatus

3)Increased Discomfort when you are constipated 

– Strain

– Cough

– Bear down

– Heavy lifting

4) Age
As you grow older you naturally loss

– Muscles mass

– Muscle tone

– Muscle elasticity

– Weak Nerve Functioning causing muscles to weaken or stretched

– Lack of Estrogen because estrogen keep the pelvic floor muscles strong

Are you facing any of these symptoms? Yes? Go for our non surgical uterine prolapse treatment to recover quickly.



Grade 1 – Mild
When bladder drops only a short way into Vagina

Grade 2 – Moderate
To reach the opening of vagina

Grade 3– Severe
Out of vagina


How Ayurvedic Herbs as a Non-surgical Treatment Can Help Uterus Prolapse?

At Kalpatru Herbal Thеrapy Cеntеr, we advocatе a holistic approach to women’s health, offering Non surgical treatment of uterus prolapse through thе usе of Ayurvеdic hеrbs. Our еxpеrt practitionеrs harnеss thе powеr of timе-tеstеd hеrbs to addrеss this issuе, providing a natural and еffеctivе altеrnativе to surgical intеrvеntions. Ayurvеda, with its еmphasis on balancing thе body and mind, aims to strеngthеn pеlvic musclеs and support thе utеrus.

Kеy Bеnеfits:

Hеrbal Formulations: Tailorеd Ayurvеdic formulations to allеviatе symptoms and promotе utеrinе hеalth.
Musclе Strеngthеning: Targеtеd hеrbs еnhancе pеlvic musclе tonе, rеducing thе risk of prolapsе.
Tridoshas Balancе: Ayurvеdic hеrbs hеlp to rеgulatе Tridoshas imbalancеs contributing to utеrinе issuеs.
Natural Management: Natural rеmеdiеs assist in managing discomfort associatеd with utеrinе prolapsе.

Our cеntеr is dеdicatеd to providing pеrsonalizеd Ayurvеdic carе, еmpowеring womеn to addrеss utеrinе prolapsе naturally and rеgain optimal wеll-bеing—expеriеncе thе transformativе powеr of Ayurvеda at Kalpatru Herbal Thеrapy Cеntеr.

Causes of Uterus Prolapsed

1) Application of Forceps during labour.
2) Stretched and Weakened Pelvic Support (Muscles Fibrous Tissues and Broad, Round and Anterior Posterior Mackenrodt or Cardinal Ligaments).
3) Perineal injury.
4) Repeated Labour.
5) Weakness of Abdominal and Perineal Muscles.
6) Causes giving rise Intra-abdominal Pressure (Various Tumors , Chronic Constipation and Chronic Bronchitis.
7) Improper Involution.
8) More common after Menopause(Loss of Estrogen Hormone).
9) Being Overweight and obese.
10) Condition that put pressure on the Pelvic Muscles as Chronic Cough, Chronic Constipation and Obesity.

Frequently Asked Questions-Non Surgical Treatment of Uterus Prolapse

Q1: What is Nonsurgical Treatment for Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

Ans: Non surgical way of treating Pelvic Organ Prolapse is an effective manner to treat this medical condition in a natural way by using ayurvedic medicines and approach. It can be found to be the most safest way of treatment which ensures that patient will not get any pain and trauma from the operation.Herbal Medicine which is made through keeping in mind the ancient system of medicine described in Ayurveda offers an alternative path of treatment for those who don’t want to go for surgeries or other parasurgical treatment. We only use herbal medicines in our process to provide the natural way of healing.

You can choose our non surgical method for pelvic organ prolapse by Ayurvedic medicine for a safe and secure curable journey. We have been serving from last 42 years and providing satisfaction to our patients. If you are still confused with questions wandering in your mind, you can contact our team. They will provide you with a brief explanation of this process.

Q2: Can uterus prolapse be cured without surgery?

Ans: Yes, uterus prolapse can be cured without surgery by taking the ayurvedic system of medicine into account. Some herbs described in Ayurveda as GRAHI in Nature having the property of Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments which hold the Uterus in its natural place. By taking ayurvedic treatment of uterus prolapse, you don’t have any need to go for surgery and any other Para surgical procedures. Surgery always comes with some complications. Our herbal treatment is easy, safe and without any side effects.

At Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre, we provide the best ayurvedic treatment for uterus prolapsed. We provide polyherbal formula for treating Uterus Prolapse based on the Ancient Ayurvedic literature. You can get rid of this medical condition from the roots by taking a single dose per day (orally). Contact us for further information.

Q3: Any side effects of Non-surgical treatment of uterus prolapse?

Ans: Non-surgical treatment of uterus prolapse is the best way to cure this condition from the roots rather than taking other surgeries or conventional treatment. Uterus prolapse treatment by ayurvedic medicine is safe and secure which has no side effects. This medicine is made up of 100% ayurvedic and herbal formula derived from ancient ayurvedic system of medicine.

Our ayurvedic treatment balances the Tridoshas (VATTA, PITTA and COUGH) and brings back the normalcy of the deteriorated condition of the Uterus. Herbs are lab tested for Heavymetals, Pesticides and Microbial Contaminants.

Q4: How much time will it take to cure from uterus prolapse?

Ans: You can start witnessing the positive changes in uterus prolapse in 1 or 2 months of consumption of this innovative ayurvedic medicine. Duration of the course is 3-4 months in normal condition. This medicine is 100% natural and safe from any side effects.

Furthermore, we provide the personalized ayurvedic and Herbal treatment of uterus prolapsed after finding the problem. We use ayurvedic ingredients in our medicine which have the property to strengthen pelvic muscles, ligaments, and support Uterus to keep it in its place.

Q5: Is it lifetime medicine for Uterus Prolapse treatment without surgery?

Ans: This treatment is life time cure for Uterus prolapsed with some precautions. Uterus prolapse treatment by herbal medicine can be a better option than surgery or any other parasurgical procedures. Our herbal medicine is prepared by using ayurvedic ingredients. Though herbs work slow but gives permanent cure for Uterus Prolapsed.


  • testimonials

    My name is Sunita, Age 32 years belong to Muzaffarnagar(U.P). I was feeling that something descending down through my Vagina and also feeling of heaviness in the pelvic region from last 3 years .I consulted various doctors and every one suggested me for surgery than I came to know about Kalptaru Ayush Therapy Centre through website than I contacted to the centre and told them about my problem .The Centre suggested me about a herbal medicine to rectify this problem. I took the medicine for 3 months only one dose per day .After 3 months I recovered completely from Prolapsed Uterus and the other symptoms related to this problem automatically subsided. Thanks to Doctor and staff of Kalptaru Ayush Therapy Centre for my complete and permanent recovery from Uterus Prolapsed.

    Sunita, Age 32
  • testimonials

    Hi I am Namita from Haldwani, I was suffering from prolapsed uterus and was very much upset for the same as there was no proper treatment from hospitals which I have consulted, but when I have heard of Kalpatru Ayush Therapy Center from one of our known person then me and my husband called there and took a appointment in the month of January 2015, after being through proper treatment of about 3 months now I fit and fine. Thank You Doctor Sahab.

    Namita, Age 38
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    My name is Rekha and my age is 34 I am from Lucknow, I would like to thank to Kalpatru Ayush Therapy Center for their best efforts and for the social cause too. They have treated my uterus without fail that is in only 3 months. I was so shy about this problem and was feeling entrancement all this time when it was coming out, but now I am fine and would recommend Kalpatru Ayush Therapy Center to all who are suffering from this problem.

    Rekha, Age 34
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    I am Roshini from Westbengal .My age is 42 years . I was suffering from uterus prolapsed 3 stage along with mild Cystocele from last 6 years. Doctors suggested me for surgery but I was Afraid and don’t want any surgical interventions.

    While searching on internet i found Kalptaru herbal therapy centre . I took their herbal treatment for 7 months and now I am fully cured, Thanks to doctor and centre for make my life normal as before

    Roshini, Age 42
  • testimonials

    I can’t thank you enough, Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre for giving me the relief from such an unpleasant or painful condition. Thank you for treating me and saving me from undergoing the knife.

    Shreya, Age 32
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    I am Vaishali age 48 years from Maharashtra . I was suffering from Problem of Uterus Prolapsed grade 3 and mild Cystocele from last 4 years .My gynic told me that Surgery is the only option to get rid from both these problems but i don’t want to go for surgery . After doing some research i found Kalptaru Herbal Therapy centre .Centre is providing customised herbal Non Surgical Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapsed . I filled their patient information form and start taking treatment .After taking treatment for 6 months i fully recovered from my pelvic organ prolapsed . Best part of treatment is that you can take this treatment while doing your normal day to day activities .Thanks to centre and offcourse google also who helped me to get option for non surgical treatment of Uterus Prolapsed.

    Vaishali, Age 48
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    The treatment here is really very effective and work like as miracle in hopeless sitauation. For me result started to come within 15 days. within 5 month my illnesses reversed completely and I am leading a normal life. I am very thankful to Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre for their care. guidance and effective treatment. the treatment is also very hassle free and convenient.

    Seema Chahal, 38
  • testimonials

    I was suffering from uterine prolapsed grade 3 after my child birth . All doctors advised me for hysterectomy but I was looking for non surgical treatment of uterus prolapsed.

    I consulted with doctor of kalptaru herbal therapy centre and took their herbal treatment for 7 months now I am fully cured . Thanks to centre for their guidance during treatment

    Geeta, 38