Few Facts You Must Know About Us

Question 1 – Is there any side effects of Medicine which is provided by the Centre?

Answer – Center provides Herbal treatment which is safe & free from any side effects

Question 2 – How can i get the medicines?

Answer – By Courier, Contacts details are given in Website you can order it on Phone or by mail

Question 3 – Can i get consultation Regarding this disease on Phone?

Answer – Yes ,Contact number is given in Website

Question 4 – What is Mode of Payment for the Medicine?

Answer – we will provide required details on phone

Question 5 – How should i administer the medicine & what is the duration of the course of Medicine?

Answer – Duration of the course is 3 months and patient will feel positive changes in this disease after consumption of 1st month medicine. Medicine always prepared freshly so medicine is provided on monthly basis.

Question 6 – Do you have any other centre ?

Answer – No, We do not have any other centre or any branch in any part of country except Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre located in Herbertpur (Dehradun, Uttarakhand).

Question 7 – Do I get this medicine from open market any where?

Answer – No, We do not prepare this medicine commercially because medicine is always prepared freshly only for our patients.

Question 8 – Can I get Cured permanently from this treatment?

Answer – Yes this medicine cures prolapse uterus permanently and in natural way.

Question 9 – Is there any chance of reoccurrence of this problem?

Answer – No, not at all

Question 10 – Do this treatment disturb normal life and activity?

Answer – No, this is an ambulatory treatment; it will not disturb normal activities.

Causes of Uterus Prolapsed

1) Application of Forceps during labour.
2) Stretched and Weakened Pelvic Support (Muscles Fibrous Tissues and Broad, Round and Anterior Posterior Mackenrodt or Cardinal Ligaments).
3) Perineal injury.
4) Repeated Labour.
5) Weakness of Abdominal and Perineal Muscles.
6) Causes giving rise Intra-abdominal Pressure (Various Tumors , Chronic Constipation and Chronic Bronchitis.
7) Improper Involution.
8) More common after Menopause(Loss of Estrogen Hormone).
9) Being Overweight and obese.
10) Condition that put pressure on the Pelvic Muscles as Chronic Cough, Chronic Constipation and Obesity.


  • testimonials

    My name is Sunita, Age 32 years belong to Muzaffarnagar(U.P). I was feeling that something descending down through my Vagina and also feeling of heaviness in the pelvic region from last 3 years .I consulted various doctors and every one suggested me for surgery than I came to know about Kalptaru Ayush Therapy Centre through website than I contacted to the centre and told them about my problem .The Centre suggested me about a herbal medicine to rectify this problem. I took the medicine for 3 months only one dose per day .After 3 months I recovered completely from Prolapsed Uterus and the other symptoms related to this problem automatically subsided. Thanks to Doctor and staff of Kalptaru Ayush Therapy Centre for my complete and permanent recovery from Uterus Prolapsed.

    Sunita, Age 32
  • testimonials

    Hi I am Namita from Haldwani, I was suffering from prolapsed uterus and was very much upset for the same as there was no proper treatment from hospitals which I have consulted, but when I have heard of Kalpatru Ayush Therapy Center from one of our known person then me and my husband called there and took a appointment in the month of January 2015, after being through proper treatment of about 3 months now I fit and fine. Thank You Doctor Sahab.

    Namita, Age 38
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    My name is Rekha and my age is 34 I am from Lucknow, I would like to thank to Kalpatru Ayush Therapy Center for their best efforts and for the social cause too. They have treated my uterus without fail that is in only 34 months. I was so shy about this problem and was feeling entrancement all this time when it was coming out, but now I am fine and would recommend Kalpatru Ayush Therapy Center to all who are suffering from this problem.

    Rekha, Age 34