How Do You Know If Your Uterus Is Falling?

Want To Know How You Will Know If Your Uterus Is Falling? Read More!

Uterus prolapse is when the uterus humps or slides into the vagina, at times so far that it comes out of the vaginal opening. This ailment can be cured via herbal medicines.

What causes prolapsed uterus?

Childbirth is the foremost reason of prolapse, and is because of the baby stretching and tearing support tissues as it passes down the vagina. Other reasons embrace:

  • elongated constipation
  • repetitive heavy lifting
  • chronic coughing

Females are more likely to have a prolapse after menopause than before it. Prolapse inclines to run in families and is also more common in females who are overweight.

How do you know if your uterus is falling?

If you ask how do you know if your uterus is falling, females who have a prolapse might feel:

  • an incapability to totally empty the bladder or the bowel when going to the toilet
  • straining to get urine flow begun, or to empty the
  • a feeling of heaviness or dragging in the pelvis or vagina
  • a protuberance or bulge in or out of the vagina
  • bowel or bladder complications
  • ache during sex
  • lower back pain

Prolapsed uterus prevention

You can decrease your risk of prolapse via:

  • regular pelvic floor workouts
  • regular physical activity
  • sidestepping heavy lifting
  • eating high-fibre foods and drinking lots of fluid (to avert constipation)
  • accomplishing and maintaining a healthy weight
  • not smoking