Is Uterus Prolapse Making Your Life Worse? Read on for a Solution!

The uterus, or womb, is said to be prolapsed when it has relocated downward from its usual position. This can occur when the tissues that usually support the uterus become strained and weak. The uterus drips down the vagina closer to the vaginal opening, sometimes even bulging through it.

Causes of prolapsed uterus
Causes of uterine prolapse consist of:

  • Childbirth is the biggest risk factor for developing uterine prolapse. This risk is amplified if the baby was big or if the pushing stage during labor was lengthy.
  • Worsening of muscles, ligaments and connective tissue that befall with age and low levels of oestrogen after menopause. This can affect the tissues that grasp the uterus in place.
  • Amplified pressure within the belly, which often occurs with constipation, chronic cough and repeated heavy lifting. The risk is augmented by disorders such as obesity.
  • A congenital tendency of weakness in the ligaments and other connective tissues.

Prevention of Prolapsed Uterus

You might not be able to avert uterine prolapse, but the following might help lessen your risk:

  • Keep your weight in the standard range;
  • Practice pelvic floor workouts;
  • Avoid constipation and straining with bowel movements;
  • Avoid hefty lifting;
  • If you have a lung difficulty, then use your defensive and treatment medications to limit coughing.

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