Lajjalu Treatment Of Uterine Prolapse

How Can You Treat Uterine Prolapse Effectively?

Uterine prolapse befalls when debilitated or impaired muscles and connective tissues like ligaments permit the uterus to fall into the vagina.

What causes a prolapsed uterus?

Childbirth is the chief reason of prolapse and is owing to the baby stretching and ripping support tissues as it passes down the vagina. Other reasons consist of:

  • persistent constipation
  • recurrent heavy lifting
  • chronic coughing

If you think you may have a prolapse, your doctor will speak to you and inspect you. You will need to have an inner examination. You might also be asked to have examinations like ultrasounds and urine tests.

How is a prolapsed uterus treated?

The treatment recommended will depend on the kind and degree of the prolapse. Whatsoever the course of action, it is imperative that you do something about the concern or your symptoms are likely to deteriorate. In some females, firming the pelvic floor muscles and changing their everyday activities might be all that is required. Some females may be offered a ring pessary, which is a small disc put high in your vagina as a support. In severe circumstances, females will be recommended to opt for Lajjalu treatment of uterine prolapse via herbal medicines.  This treatment is centered on Ayurvedic methodology and is very safe and effective.

Can a prolapsed uterus be prevented?

You can decrease your risk of prolapse via:

  • regular pelvic floor workouts
  • regular physical activity
  • sidestepping heavy lifting
  • eating high fiber foods and drinking lots of fluid (to prevent constipation)
  • accomplishing and preserving a healthy weight
  • not smoking