Prolapsed Uterus Treatment At Home

If you have pelvic organ prolapse like uterine prolapse, you perhaps wonder what can be done to treat it. While medical processes are available, there are things you can do by yourself that might help you to feel better via prolapsed uterus treatment at home.

Treatment of uterine prolapse

For many females who only have mild prolapse and only some symptoms, doctors recommend that self-care approaches are all that is required. Most outstandingly, pelvic floor exercises are suggested to improve symptoms and avert the condition from worsening. If weight is an aspect, losing weight is strongly recommended. Females should also sidestep heavy lifting which can generally make the condition worse and avoid or rapidly treat constipation. Doctors generally suggest some effective form of treatment to those females who don’t aim on having future pregnancies.

Pelvic floor muscle exercises

Kegel exercises can help to fortify your pelvic floor muscles. When you have pelvic organ prolapse, your pelvic organs i.e. your bladder, uterus, and rectum become weak. They can drop away toward your vagina. Kegels can help make those muscles sturdier and keep your prolapse from getting shoddier. To do a Kegel, go through the gestures like you are going to pee. Then, rather than letting it out, squeeze your muscles to stop the stream of urine midstream. Tauten up those muscles for 5 seconds. Then release them for five seconds. Repeat this procedure five times. Work up being able to hold for 10 seconds and then release for 10 seconds. You can do 20 repetitions at a time, and repeat three times each day. At first, Kegels might feel a little eccentric. But as your pelvic muscles get sturdier, you will find they are easier to do.