What Happens If Your Uterus Falls Out?

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As females age, the vicissitudes that can happen to her body are too enormous to count. Just when you think you are past the point of bleeding and aching every month, you comprehend you aren’t done with gynecological encounters just yet. Aging brings menopause, augmented risks of cancers and the likelihood that your uterus, bladder or rectum will begin to droop into your vagina. If pelvic floor muscles are feeble, your organs might drop and hump into the vagina.

What ensues if the uterus falls out?

If you wonder what happens if your uterus falls out, while your uterus and other organs will not fall out of your body, the flagging of your pelvic floor muscles can make it feel and appear as though this might ensue. The most common and troublesome symptom is pressing of the uterus or other organs against the vaginal hedge. The weight on your vagina may cause trivial discomposure or complications in how your pelvic organs work and may cause discomposure during sex. The symptoms of prolapse will vary centered on the degree and the kind of prolapse; patients might struggle with one or more symptoms with variable severity, though several females who have pelvic organ prolapse do not have symptoms.

Females with symptoms for whom conservative management choices are ineffective can seek a minimally invasive pelvic organ prolapse treatment. The outcome can depend upon the severity of symptoms, degree of prolapse and the patient’s anticipations.