What Happens When Your Uterus Drops?

What Exactly Happens When Your Uterus Drops Down?

If you ask what happens when your uterus drops, as a lady ages and with age-related reduction in the concentration of the hormone estrogen, her uterus can move downhill into the vaginal canal, instigating the condition identified as a prolapsed uterus. Muscle feebleness or relaxation might permit the uterus to droop or come totally out of the body. Uterine prolapse befalls when the muscles and tissue in your pelvis deteriorate. This permits your uterus to fall down into your vagina. Common symptoms consist of leak of urine, completeness in your pelvis, protruding in your vagina, lower-back pain and constipation. Treatment for uterine prolapse embraces lifestyle modifications, a pessary, or herbal medicines too. You might be able to avert this condition with weight loss, a high-fiber diet, not smoking, and doing Kegel exercises.

Can uterine prolapse be prevented?

There is no assured way to avert uterine prolapse. However, the following can help decrease your risk:

  • Slim down, if you are overweight
  • Follow a diet opulent in fiber and fluids to avert constipation and straining
  • Sidestep heavy lifting
  • Quit smoking, if you smoke
  • Seek rapid treatment for a chronic cough, which can place additional pressure on your pelvic organs
  • Do Kegel exercises to fortify your pelvic floor muscles

These actions might also help if you already have uterine prolapse. See your doctor when symptoms first begin to trouble you. Don’t wait until your discomposure becomes severe. Regular pelvic examinations can help diagnose uterine prolapse in its initial stages.