What is the Recovery Time for a Prolapsed Uterus?

Pelvic floor dysfunction signs (like an overactive bladder) generally stay or become worse if they’re not preserved. Instead of living with pain and uneasiness, you can frequently recover your everyday life after an appointment with your provider. The most communal kind of pelvic reconstructive operation is accomplished to correct pelvic organ prolapse.

Types of prolapse:

  • Cystocele: Bladder falls into the vagina
  • Enterocele: Slight bowel falls into the vagina
  • Rectocele: Rectum drops into the vagina
  • Uterine Prolapse: Womb drops into the vagina
  • Vaginal Vault Prolapse: Upper part of the vagina (the apex) slopes into the vaginal canal

Recovery Time for Uterus Prolapse

If you have undergone surgery, you need 6-8 weeks to recover. But you can treat your problem without any recovery issues by taking herbal treatment for your problem. The uterus prolapsed treatment by ayurvedic medicine helps to keep saman and apan vayu in normal condition because the perception of ayurveda is that in yoni-bhranash (prolapse of the uterus). Vata-dhosh is constantly vitiated.

The character of apan vayu is to order the procedure of excretion of mostly all the pelvic organs of evacuation depending on the excellence of apan vayu, if this vatta dosha (apan vayu) is diminished. Ayurvedic treatment of uterus prolapse with the assistance of herbal medicine is one of the safest as well as free from any side effects. Medicine that is dedicated to catering to the exact condition is prepared by rare basils grown in the Himalayas and is designated in ancient Ayurvedic literature for the herbal treatment of uterus prolapse.