Why A Majority Of Women Choose Ayurvedic Treatment Over Vaginal Pessary?

Uterus prolapsed is a painful condition for the woman. It is mainly caused by vaginal delivery. This condition occurs when a muscle of pelvic floor gets lax or unable to support the uterus. Apart from vaginal delivery, there are many other reasons that can invites uterus prolapsed. It can be the most uncomfortable condition that a woman can suffer from. It is possible to get rid of uterus prolapsed but only if the treatment is taken on time. There are two types of non-surgical treatments that woman choose. Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre is known for its effective Uterus Prolapsed Treatment. We use herbal medicines and Ayurvedic techniques to cure you of this condition. Here is a comparison between Ayurvedic treatment and Vaginal Pessary that helps you to understand that why the majority of woman choose Ayurvedic treatment.

Vaginal Pessary – This treatment is based on a device that is used to insert inside your vagina. In this, a woman will get instruction that how to carefully remove or insert the pessary. It can make you uncomfortable and can cause a little pain inside your vagina.  It can also cause irritation and problems during intercourse.

Ayurvedic Treatment – It is the most acceptable treatment among woman. In this, all the herbal medication and Ayurvedic techniques are used. It is a painless treatment and helps you to get a permanent solution from uterus prolapsed.

We serve the best Uterus Prolapsed Treatment By Non Surgical method. Our treatment is painless and very affordable. We have served many women successfully. To book an appointment you can email or call us.