Best Way Of Treating Uterus Prolapse

What Is The Best Way Of Treating Uterus Prolapse?

A prolapsed uterus is commonly classified as pelvic organ prolapse, which befalls when the uterus slopes beneath its normal anatomical place. Some females report vaginal symptoms like feeling a protuberance or bulge in the vaginal canal, while others might report lower back pain.

Can prolapsed uterus cause difficulties with sex?

Prolapse does not generally cause complications with sex. If prolapse leads to protruding of the bladder or rectum into the vagina, the protuberance can be straightforwardly strapped back into place before intercourse and maximum females with prolapse say they don’t notice it during intercourse. Also, if you have a prolapse, you should know that intercourse will not cause any impairment to whatever is protuberant: your bladder, vagina, uterus or rectum.

Pelvic floor exercises

Doing pelvic floor exercises will fortify your pelvic floor muscles and might well relieve your symptoms. A doctor might recommend a programme of administered pelvic floor muscle training for at least 16 weeks before you move on to other treatments or operation. You will be shown how to do the workouts. If they assist, you might be asked to continue with them.

Herbal medicines

In Ayurveda, some uterine friendly herbs in the form of medicines are defined which have played a great role in nurturing and strengthening the uterus and pelvic floor muscles and also helps keep the uterus healthy and well-toned. These medicines are the best way of treating uterus prolapse. This treatment is designed to improve and fortify the uterine support. It helps augment the poor Levator tone jointly.