Can You Treat Cystocele Without Surgery?

Want To Treat Cystocele Without Surgery? Read More!

Ladies will experience a multiplicity of symptoms with a bladder prolapse; the severity of the symptoms will depend upon the severity of the ailment. Symptoms consist of:

  • Stress or impulse incontinence
  • A feeling of fullness or pressure in your pelvis, bladder and vagina
  • The feeling that you still have to urinate even after you just have gone
  • Augmented discomposure when straining to cough, excrete or lift hefty objects
  • Chronic bladder infections
  • Pelvic pain or discomfort with sex
  • In severe circumstances, the bladder might obtrude into your bladder and down through your vaginal opening, generating a sensation like you are sitting on a ball

Signs and symptoms often are particularly obvious after standing for lengthy periods of time and might get away when you lie down.


If you ask can you treat cystocele without surgery, the answer would be yes, certainly. You can do this via herbal medicines and pelvic floor exercises. These are also named Kegel exercises and aid to tone the pelvic floor supports by continuous practice. A sturdy pelvic floor holds up the attached organs, including the uterus, vagina and urinary bladder. Pelvic floor workouts comprise simply of contracting and relaxing these muscles numerous times a minute, for around 15 reps each, as many times a day as is conceivable. These exercises take a few weeks to help build up strength in the pelvic floor, but are often all that are required in mild circumstances of cystocele or stress incontinence.