Cystocele Herbal Therapy

What Is Cystocele And How To Treat It Non-Surgically?

Healing a cystocele naturally via cystocele herbal therapy requires some effort, but in due course, your pelvic and sexual fitness will thank you for it. A cystocele befalls when the supportive tissue between a lady’s bladder and vaginal wall deteriorates and stretches, usually because of an upsurge in pressure on the organs, muscles and ligaments. When this ensues, the bladder humps into the vagina. Cystocele, bladder prolapse and anterior prolapse are often substitutable terms. Uterine prolapse can be classified as incomplete or complete:

  • Incomplete uterine prolapse: The uterus is partly moved into the vagina but does not obtrude.
  • Complete uterine prolapse: A part of the uterus obtrudes from the vaginal opening.

The condition is graded by its severity, determined by how far the uterus has sloped:

  • 1st grade: sloped to the upper vagina
  • 2nd grade: sloped to the introitus
  • 3rd grade: cervix has sloped outside the introitus
  • 4th grade: cervix and uterus have both sloped outside the introitus

More severe cases might require surgery, but in the initial phases, exercises might help.


Symptoms differ contingent on how severe the prolapse is. Typical symptoms comprise of:

  • pelvic weightiness or pulling
  • vaginal bleeding or an upsurge in vaginal discharge
  • problems with sexual intercourse
  • urinary leak, retention or bladder infections
  • bowel movement problems like constipation
  • lower back pain
  • uterine protuberance from the vaginal opening
  • sensations of sitting on a ball or that something is dipping out of the vagina
  • fragile vaginal tissue