Herbs For Uterine Prolapse

What Is Uterus Prolapse And How Can It Be Treated Well?

A prolapsed uterus is when the uterus (womb) moves down from its usual position – this can take place when the tissues that usually support the uterus (the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments) become strained and fragile. Prolapsed uterus (also named uterine prolapse) is a common ailment that can affect a lady’s physical and sexual activity and also her quality of life. The uterus, accompanied by other organs of the pelvis, is usually buttressed by sheets of pelvic floor muscles which are dangled like a hammock from the public bone to the tailbone from front to back and also backward and forward across the bottom of the pelvis. With a uterine prolapse, these muscles and also ligaments and other pelvic tissues, don’t offer their usual support and the uterus might push down. The uterus can descend into the vagina and even sit close to the vaginal opening, sometimes bulging via it. The bladder and bowel can also obtrude into the vagina; this is acknowledged as pelvic organ prolapse.


Doctors categorize uterine prolapse into 4 stages:

    Stage 1 – the uterus is in the upper portion of the vagina.

   Stage 2 – the uterus has relocated down to the opening of the vagina.

   Stage 3 – portion of the uterus is protruding out of the vagina.

   Stage 4 – the uterus is totally out of the vagina.

If you wish to treat this ailment, you can opt for Ayurvedic medicine containing herbs for uterine prolapse.