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Hay, my age is 37. I am suffuring from uterus prolapse problem after my child birth , please suggest treatment

My age is 40 years and I am suffering from Cystocele and vaginal looseness problem otherwise I am physically fit no other issues

I m suffering from bladder prolapse from last 3 years with frequent urine Leakge and urgency of urination . Please give me some information regarding treatment

My mother who is 78 years old has recently suffered uterine prolapse, kindly guide me and help my mother to relieve herself from the pain and agony she is undergoing

Facing Uterus Prolapse After Child Birth and my baby is 3 months old and I m in 2 stage

Prolapsed uterus Started four years ago. USG shows no tumour or cyst. Doctor advised exercise for six months since Mar 2022 but no results , please guide

I’m 47 years old and Diagnosed with uterus prolapse after the delivery of my daughter 10 years ago. I’m 3rd-grade prolapse now and I don’t want surgery. How I get the treatment

Hello, I am 30 years old, and my gynecologists told me my uterus is prolapsed or moved. I have no children. I have always had very painful periods. Recently I can feel preasure in my abdomen/uterus. I have had cysts on my owals few times, but they disappeared. Please could you advise it your herbs will be good for me?

Facing uterus prolapse after child birth , I don’t want surgery , planning for second baby , please help

Hello I would like to purchase your product for uterine prolapse. I am 35. One 5 year old daughter and have had 1 c section. I have pcos and had a cerceiage to hold the cervix while pregnant.

Hi just gone through your website . Nothing is coming out through vagina but I have severe urinary symptoms , please provide more information regarding treatment, thanks

How to get herbal medicine for a prolapsed uterus?i live in Australia . I don’t want surgery

I am 62 years , uterus is totally out from last 10 years having mild Cystocele also , please suggest

I am 31 year old suffering from uterus prolapsed along with urine incontinence and vaginal discharge problem from last 1 year , can I plan my second baby ?

Hi , my grand mother is suffering from uterus prolapsed , age 73 , From 2 to 3 weeks i see swollen and red part coming from uterus. Before it was fine. I just want to know if any medicine can help for her. Because her uterus prolapse is on 4th stage.

I have cystocele problem, Urine leakage kindly suggest treatment.

I am 36 yes old recently i had uterine prolapse 2 degree

My mother who is 75 yrs old is having uterus prolapse, I would like to know your treatment method

My age is 54 years I am suffering from Cystocele from last 3 years , please help

I am suffering from uterus prolapsed from more than a year, but initially when I consulted doctor in last February, it was 2nd stage, but now I feel it as 3rd stage. Can you give medicinal repair to my problem ?

I have problem of uterus prolapse from some age is 44 years. Can i cure it without surgery?

I am very interested in your treatment for uterine prolapse. I have been diagnosed with uterine prolapse and would like to try to heal it with herbs. How much does your prolapse treatment cost? Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sir/Madam, I am suffering from 3 grade uterus prolapsed, my age is 54, please cure me with your herbal treatment. I afraid from surgery

I have uterus prolapse problem for few day. Can it cure without surgery? Please suggest me. My age is 44 Years

Can i get pregnant after my Uterus prolapsed Problem.

Uterus Prolapsed along with cervical incompetency ,problem in conceiving.

Prolapsed is inside vagina Diagnosed grade 1 Uterine Prolapse after child delivery.

Totally out Uterus prolapsed with Mucous Discharge from last 6 years, Grade 4.

Uterus prolapsed due to long standing and heavy weight lifting, Diagnosed 3 grade prolapsed.

Uterus prolapsed upto mouth of vagina,Feeling of heaviness , Mild cystocele and rectocele,I live in Australia.

39 years age, Uterus out of vagina during passing stool but it goes inside afterwords, white discharge,more frequency of Urine.Other health problems are PCOD and fibroids, Constipation and acidity.

Hi i am from US suffering from Uterine prolapsed and i thinking going to surgery but i am scared to do it ,57 years old.

Uterus prolapsed problem from last 10 years, grade between 3 and 4.

Uterus is partially out, Lower back pain, feeling urine bladder not empty ,Motion getting stagnant in rectum, 8 years problem.

Stage 1 Uterus Prolapse with Urine Incontinence.

Uterus prolapsed from last 2 years ,More frequency of Urine ,Constipation Dragging sensation in pelvis region.

Uterus feeling coming out ,feeling uneasy .sometimes found blood spots. Problem arise after delivery of my child.

Age 36 years Feeling something descent in vagina with heaviness in pelvic region from 1 year.

Age 45 Years ,something coming out from Vagina, No Urinary and bowel Problems ,Duration of problem is 6 years