Why do People Prefer Non-Surgical Prolapsed Uterus Treatment?

The uterus (the womb, in which a fetus develops) is usually held in place inside the pelvis with a number of muscles and ligaments. At times, on account of childbirth or problematic labor and vaginal delivery, these tissues get debilitated. As a lady ages and with age-related reduction in the concentration of the hormone estrogen, her uterus can move downhill into the vaginal canal, causing the disorder known as a prolapsed uterus. Muscle weakness or relaxation might permit the uterus to droop or come totally out of the body.


Treatment isn’t always essential for this condition. If the prolapse is severe, speak to your doctor about which treatment option is suitable for you. Nowadays, many individuals prefer to decide on nonsurgical treatments which include:

  • losing weight to take strain off pelvic structures
  • evading heavy lifting
  • doing Kegel exercises, which are pelvic floor workouts that help fortify the vaginal muscles

The best part is that prolapsed uterus non surgery recovery time very marginal and a person can recover from it quite speedily.

Is there any way to prevent uterine prolapse?

Uterine prolapse might not be avoidable in every situation. However, you can do numerous things to decrease your risk, including:

  • getting regular physical workout
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • performing Kegel workouts

seeking treatment for things that upsurge your amount of burden in the pelvis, including chronic constipation or cough