Why Does My Uterus Feel Like It Falling Out?

Do You Feel Your Uterus Is Falling Out? You Might Be Having Uterus Prolapse!

If you often question yourself “Why does my uterus feel like it falling out?”, perhaps you are suffering from uterus prolapse. Uterine prolapse is a moderately common ailment in which the uterus moves down when the pelvic muscles become excessively meager to support it. Risk components embrace having a high body mass index, having ended menopause and pregnancy and childbirth. Symptoms can be urine leakages, uneasiness in the pelvic area and lower back ache. Kegel exercises are imperative for handling mild types of uterus prolapse.


The uterus or womb is essentially positioned above the vagina with the help of pelvic floor muscles and ligaments. Uterine prolapse can be of two types viz. incomplete or complete:

  • Incomplete uterine prolapse: The uterus is partly relocated into the vagina but does not obtrude.
  • Complete uterine prolapse: A serving of the uterus overhangs from the vaginal opening.

The condition is classified by its severity, decided by how far the uterus has slanted:

  • 1st grade: sloped to the upper vagina
  • 2nd grade: sloped to the introitus
  • 3rd grade: cervix has inclined outside the introitus
  • 4th grade: cervix and uterus have both sloped outside the introitus

More severe circumstances might require a sturdy treatment, but in the initial stages, workouts might help.


  • pregnancy
  • aspects related to delivery, including trauma, delivering a hefty baby or having a vaginal delivery
  • recurrent hefty lifting
  • chronic coughing
  • straining during bowel movements
  • a past of pelvic surgery
  • genetic aspects resulting in debilitated connective tissue

You can treat Uterus Prolapsed via Ayurvedic medicines.