Uterus Down Problem Ayurvedic Medicine

The Cure Of Uterine Prolapse As Per The Principles Of Ayurveda

Uterine prolapse is an ailment in which the pelvic muscles and ligaments that clasp the uterus in place begin drooping occasioning in a downward dislocation of the uterus between the bladder and the rectum. The word yoni means vaginal canal and uterus, therefore prolapse of vaginal wall and uterus   both are considered.


  • Weakening, impairment, laceration or stress in the muscles
  • Swelling of uterus during numerous pregnancies or vaginal deliveries
  • Natural ageing
  • Damage of estrogen
  • Shortage of vital vitamins and minerals that are needed to tone the muscles.


  • Feeling of something jutting or something about to drop out of the vagina.
  • A feeling of weight, pressure or something piercing in the pelvic area
  • Pain in intercourse.
  • Stomach or back pain.
  • Weightiness or costiveness in the bowels
  • Fatigue, tiredness, irritability and depression as related symptoms

Types of Uterine Prolapse

Uterine prolapse may be of first degree, second degree & third degree in nature. The uterus or womb aids to support the upper part of the vagina. Uterine prolapse is when the uterus or womb sagged partially into vagina. Typically, it is not a chronic disorder but if uterine prolapse makes you uncomfortable or disturbs your usual life, you may visit our centre for diagnosing the reasons. While a chronic prolapse designates a situation in which the uterus or womb slouched so far down that some tissue remains outside the vagina. Its may be very excruciating & patient feels very uncomfortable because of this.

Uterus down problem Ayurvedic medicine at our centre reestablishes cures by establishing the steadiness of Tridosha (Vata,pitta,kapha)and sapt dhatus (body tissues).