Cystocele Treatment Without Surgery

Learn In Detail About Cystocele And Its Treatment Remedies

Anything that adds unwarranted strain to the muscles and connective tissue of the organs can cause a cystocele.


Pelvic floor muscles can become feeble for numerous reasons:

  • pregnancy
  • aspects related to delivery, including trauma, delivering a big baby or having a vaginal delivery
  • getting older, particularly after menopause, when levels of flowing estrogen fall
  • recurrent heavy lifting
  • straining during bowel movements
  • chronic coughing
  • a past of pelvic surgery
  • genetic aspects leading to debilitated connective tissue


Treatment depends on the phase and severity of the prolapse. Some approaches can decrease the risk of uterine prolapse evolving and stop it from deteriorating. These consist of:

  • carrying out Kegel exercises on a regular basis and properly
  • averting and treating constipation
  • sidestepping hefty lifting
  • using right body mechanics whenever lifting is essential
  • handling chronic coughing
  • upholding a healthy weight via diet and workout
  • cystocele treatment without surgery i.e. via herbal medicines


Mild uterine prolapse can be cured with Kegel exercises, weight management and evasion of hefty lifting. How to do an appropriate Kegel is important for the success of the treatment. These workouts can be done anywhere and at any time and can help fortify the muscles of the pelvic floor. Your doctor or physical therapist can tutor you on how to perform an appropriate Kegel while in the clinic, at which time appropriate method of the exercise can be assessed well.