Can a Uterine Prolapse be Reversed and Treated? If Yes, Then How?

As the female ages, her body goes through numerous changes and natural deficiency of estrogen cause the uterus to tumble down in vagina. Treating the condition at the initial stage is most imperative than anything else before it is extremely late. There are numerous herbal and non-surgical techniques available in the marketplace that doesn’t have any side-effects on the body. The treatment can be conventional, mechanical or surgical; however, non-surgical and herbal techniques are the best. Menopause is another common cause of a prolapsed uterus and you can avert it at the initial stage if you identify the changes in your body as soon as possible.

Can a uterine prolapse be reversed?

Treatment for prolapsed uterus will depend on your symptoms and the gradation of prolapse. Females with no symptoms might not need any particular treatment.

Self-care measures

Self-care measures are frequently all that is required for females with mild prolapse and few symptoms. Self-care measures that your specialist might suggest take account of:

  • doing pelvic floor muscle exercises on a regular basis, which can aidto improve symptoms and inhibit worsening prolapse;
  • losing weight if you are over heavy;
  • sidestepping and treating constipation; and
  • Avoiding anything that makes the situation worse, such as heavy lifting.
  • You can also see a doctor who specializes in pelvic floor muscle workouts and Ayurvedic treatment to make sure that you are doing the exercises appropriately and for further tips on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Visit Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre today for more info.