Can Uterine Prolapse Be Corrected Without Surgery?

How Can You Correct Your Uterus Prolapse Without Undergoing Surgery?

There are numerous treatment choices obtainable for pelvic organ prolapse. The most appropriate for you will depend on:

  • the severity of your symptoms
  • the severity of the prolapse
  • your age and fitness
  • whether you are planning to have kids in the future

You might not necessitate any treatment if the prolapse is mild to moderate and not triggering any pain or discomposure. Your doctor should offer you the complete array of treatments and explain the potential advantages and hazards of every option. This will help you select the correct one for you.

Lifestyle changes

If you do not have any symptoms or the prolapse is minor, making some lifestyle alterations can ease your symptoms and stop the prolapse from deteriorating. They can also help lessen your hazard of getting a prolapse in the first place. They consist of:

  • retaining a healthy weight or losing weight if you are over heavy
  • eating a high-fiber diet to sidestep constipation
  • avoiding lifting hefty objects
  • avoiding high-impact workout
  • stopping smoking – it can cause coughing and make the prolapse worse

Ayurvedic treatment

If you ask can uterine prolapse be corrected without surgery, the answer would be yes. Ayurvedic treatment of uterus prolapse saves you from the agonizing pain and ordeal of operations. It is the best and the safest treatment for all such patients who are struggling with uterus prolapsed. Our non-surgical treatment of uterus prolapse technique is proven and has been serving and generating gratified patient as the evidence for the same.