Can Uterus Prolapse Be Treated Without Surgery?

Learn About Effective Uterus Prolapse Treatments Without Surgery

If you ask can uterus prolapse be cured without surgery, the answer would be yes, pelvic prolapse can be treated and improve without operation in some females. Prolapse stems from stretched and enfeebled supporting pelvic floor tissues, just like overstraining a piece of elastic. Your pelvic floor muscles should work to help support your pelvic organs (i.e. bladder, uterus and rectum). Females with prolapse have feeble pelvic floor muscles so they have reduced internal support. In some ladies with mild to moderate prolapse (i.e. pelvic prolapse sitting over the vaginal entrance instead of beyond) scientific investigation displays three months of pelvic floor muscle training decreases the severity of vaginal prolapse. In females with more severe prolapse complications (i.e. prolapse protuberant beneath the vaginal entrance) pelvic floor muscle training is less effective in reversing prolapse. These females are still likely to profit from pelvic exercises, particularly if they are undergoing prolapse surgery and are looking to avoid recurrence of prolapse. Effective prolapse treatment consists of:

  1. Training the pelvic floor muscles to upsurge prolapse support
  2. Learning the knack exercise method to ease prolapse strain
  3. Altering lifestyle factors that deteriorate prolapse complications (e.g. straining with constipation, hefty lifting and unsuitable general exercise)

The incidence and severity of pelvic prolapse symptoms can be relieved without surgery in some females via herbal medicines too. The herbal medicines are time-tested, explored and developed by traditional family of Ayurveda. They are very effective and safe.