Can Uterus Prolapse Cause Miscarriage?

The Complications That A Uterus Prolapse Pose For A Pregnant Lady

Pregnancy can affect a lady in many unforeseen ways. The changeable hormones, physiological and psychological alterations that a pregnant female goes through can bring about certain concerns. One such occurrence can be the development of uterine or cervical prolapse during pregnancy. Although a rare occurrence, uterine prolapse during pregnancy can prove perilous for both the mother and her baby. It can prompt complications like cervical infections, hemorrhaging, preterm labour and even miscarriage. If you wonder can uterus prolapse cause miscarriage, the answer would be yes. Its treatment might encompass interventions which can further expose a pregnant lady to additional risks. Consequently, the finest course of action can be to undertake preventive measures to sidestep any possibility of uterine prolapse.

Uterine prolapse is a common complaint in elderly ladies. However, uterine prolapse during pregnancy is rare, with an occurrence of 1 per 10,000 to 15,000 deliveries. The uterus (womb) of a lady which holds the unborn baby is a muscular form that is typically supported inside her pelvis by several tissues, muscles, and ligaments. Certain elements during pregnancy can cause these muscles and ligaments to deteriorate, relax or stretch. Dearth of plenty support might make the uterus leave its site and slope into the vagina or the birth canal. This medical complaint of the tumbled womb is named uterine prolapse or cervical prolapse. However, it may be substantial to take into contemplation that the occurrence of uterine prolapse during pregnancy is not a common happening. Factors like advanced age of the pregnant lady, BMI, increased intra-abdominal weight, history of congenital feebleness of pelvic muscles might put some pregnant females at a bigger risk of cervical prolapse.