How Do You Treat Uterine Prolapse Naturally

Want to know how to treat uterine prolapse naturally? Read more!

Prolapsed uterus (also named uterine or pelvic organ prolapse) is when the uterus tumbles down towards the vaginal opening. This can ensue if your pelvic floor muscles are overextended or debilitated. Prolapse generally degrades without any treatment, so it is imperative to seek medical assistance.

Prevention of prolapsed uterus

You might not be able to avert uterine prolapse, but you can ease your risk by:

  • keeping your weight in the usual range;
  • practicing pelvic floor exercises on a regular basis, preferably every day;
  • sidestepping constipation and straining with bowel movements by eating a well-adjusted diet that encompasses sufficient fiber; and
  • sidestepping heavy lifting
  • If you have a lung or breathing complaint that can cause recurrent coughing, speak to your doctor to ensure that your treatment is enhanced to limit coughing, preferably.

Treatment for uterine prolapse

Treatment for prolapsed uterus will depend on your signs and the degree of prolapse. Females with no symptoms might not need any particular treatment. If you ask how do you treat uterine prolapse naturally, self-care measures that your doctor might recommend embrace:

  • frequently doing , which can aid to improve symptoms and avert worsening prolapse;
  • slimming down if you are overweight;
  • sidestepping and treating constipation; and
  • sidestepping anything that makes the condition shoddier, such as heavy lifting

You can also see a physiotherapist who specifies in pelvic floor muscle exercises and treatment to warrant that you are doing the exercises appropriately and for further tips on firming your pelvic floor. You can also treat this condition via herbal medicines.