How Does Vaginal Delivery Increase The Risk Of Uterus Prolapsed?

Uterus Prolapsed is the condition during which the uterus or womb of the woman moves from their actual position and bulge into your vagina or birth canal. There are a number of reasons behind the situation and one of them is vaginal delivery. Yes, don’t get surprised, vaginal delivery can also be the reason of Uterus Prolapse. Want to know how? Read on to get the answer.

Basically, at the time of baby delivery, a lot of physical pressure put on the pelvic floor and several hormones get released during the time, which have the adverse impact on the tissues support the pelvic floor. There are great possibilities that after the delivery these muscles and tissues are weakened because of the stretching to take the baby out and cause the condition of prolapsed uterus. The risk of prolapsed uterus is increase in the condition when the head of the baby stuck in the vaginal canal and you have to go through long pushing process. Besides, if the baby is heavier or you have to undergo a forceps delivery, so, the chances of prolapsed uterus are high.

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