How To Fix Uterus Prolapse Without Surgery

How Can You Fix Uterus Prolapse Without Surgery?

Loss of support for the uterus leads to protuberance of the uterine body into the vaginal barrel. When the protuberance spreads into the upper servings of the vagina, it is defined as a first-degree prolapse. When the protuberance spreads further, it is a second-degree prolapse. When the prolapse is complete with protuberance of the cervix into the vaginal opening, the condition is termed as a third-degree prolapse.

What can you do about a uterus prolapse?

  • Perform Kegel exercises repeatedly. These exercises can fortify your pelvic floor muscles — particularly imperative after you have a baby.
  • Treat and avoid constipation. Drink lots of liquids and eat high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, beans and whole-grains.
  • Avoid weighty lifting and lift appropriately. When lifting, use your legs rather than your waist or back.
  • Toning up the musculature around the stomach is imperative for general health and surely imperative during postpartum retrieval. The exercise needed does not have to be challenging and in fact it is best that it not be customary weight training or aerobics.
  • Control coughing. Get treatment for a prolonged cough or bronchitis and don’t smoke.
  • Avoid weight gain. Speak to your doctor to define your ideal weight and get guidance on weight-loss strategies.

If you ask how to fix uterus prolapse without surgery, the answer would be via herbal medicines. It works to fortify muscles and ligaments and support the structures and organs of the pelvis.