Learn About the Major Causes of Uterus Prolapse

A uterus prolapse, or tumbled uterus, is when debilitated, overstretched pelvic muscles and ligaments are inept to support the uterus properly and it drops into the vagina. In some circumstances, a tumbled uterus might essentiallyjut out of the vagina.A prolapsed uterus may be marked by a sensation of fullness or pressure in the pelvic region, accompanied by lower back pain and the feeling that something is emergent from the vagina. Sexual intercourse might be painful. It may also be tough to urinate, defecate and walk.The waning of pelvic muscles and ligaments that leads to a tumbled uterus is typically triggered by impairment occurring during pregnancy and childbirth, the buildup of years of straining, the effects of gravity and loss of estrogen. Although a dropped uterus can befall at any age, postmenopausal females who have had at least one vaginal delivery are most at risk.


Waning of pelvic muscles and supportive tissues contribute to uterine prolapse. This might happen because of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Trauma during childbirth
  • Delivery of a bulky baby
  • Difficult labor and delivery
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Less circulating estrogen after menopause

The uterus prolapses in four stages. During the first stage, the cervix suspends into the vagina; in the second, the cervix sags just inside the vaginal opening. By the third stage, the cervix is outside the vagina and in the fourth stage; the whole uterus has followed it outside. You can treat this problem successfully with herbal treatment of uterine prolapse at Kalptaru Therapy Center.