Treating Uterus Prolapse Without Surgery

The uterus (womb) is an organ of the female generative system. It is formed like an upside-down pear and is positioned inside the pelvis. The uterus, bladder, and bowel are reinforced by a hammock of muscles situated between the tailbone (coccyx) and the pubic bone within the pelvis. These muscles are recognized as the pelvic floor or the levator ani muscles. Ligaments and connective tissue also append the uterus and pelvic organs in place. If these muscles or conjunctive tissues are weakened or hurt, the womb can drop down into the vagina. This is recognized as prolapse.

Degrees Of Uterine Prolapse

Uterine prolapse is labeled in stages, representing how far it has sloped. Other pelvic tissues (such as the bladder or bowel) may also be prolapsed into the uterine. The four classes of uterine prolapse are:

  • Stage I – the womb is in the upper half of the vagina
  • Stage II – the uterus has sloped nearly to the opening of the vagina
  • Stage III – the uterus obtrudes out of the vagina
  • Stage IV – the uterus is entirely out of the vagina.

Treatments For Uterine Prolapse

Treatments for uterine prolapse comprise surgical and non-surgical choices, the option of which will depend on overall health, the harshness of the condition, and strategies for a future pregnancy. But non-surgical treatment possibilities, like herbal treatment, are the best. This is a holistic treatment that derives from the land of the Himalayas. The medicine is embattled and result oriented. The medicine is not prepared for commercial persistence. These are always prepared freshly just for patients.