What Happens If A Prolapsed Uterus Goes Untreated?

Learn What Happens When A Prolapse Uterus Goes Untreated

Prolapse is a descending of the vagina that a lady may feel as a protuberance or pressure. This is referred to in several diverse ways. At times, it is called a “dropped bladder”, “plunged uterus,” “dropped vagina. Prolapse is instigated by a dwindling of the vaginal tissues. Prolapse is related with pregnancy and childbirth. However, prolapse can ensue in females who have never had kids. Prolapse is also related with repetitive heavy lifting, chronic constipation, prolonged cough and poor tissue. Prolapse symptoms might be worse at diverse times in the day. Some females observe that they feel more heaviness after walking or standing for lengthy periods of time.


  • Feeling of something prominent or something about to dribble out of the vagina.
  • A feeling of weightiness, pressure or something stabbing in the pelvic area
  • Pain in intercourse.
  • Belly or back pain.
  • Weightiness in the bowels
  • Fatigue, tiredness, irritability and depression are associated symptoms

If you ask what happens if a prolapse uterus goes untreated, the answer would be prolapse, left untreated, virtually always gets worse over time but this is typically a gradual change. In rare circumstances, severe prolapse can cause urinary retention (incapability to empty the bladder) that progress to kidney impairment or infection. When this befalls, prolapse treatment is considered compulsory. In maximum other cases, patients should be the ones to decide when to have their prolapse treated centered on the symptoms they are having.