What Is The Reason For Uterus Coming Down?

Know About the Reasons for Uterus Coming Down

Uterine prolapse befalls when the uterus droops or slides from its usual position and into the vagina (birth canal).

What is the reason for uterus coming down?

If you wonder what the reason for uterus coming down is, the most common reasons of uterine prolapse are as follows:

  • Childbirth: Vaginal delivery increases the risk of prolapse more than a cesarean section (when the baby is delivered via a surgical opening in the wall of the stomach). It is also thought that the more kids a lady delivers, as well as the delivery of a big baby (more than nine pounds), will increase the risk of prolapse.
  • Surgery, such as a hysterectomy, or radiation treatment in the pelvic region.
  • Menopause: A lady’s ovaries stop creating hormones that regulate her monthly cycle. The hormone estrogen, which aids to keep pelvic muscles strong, is in lower supply.
  • Extreme physical action or lifting of hefty objects.
  • Any condition that puts compression on the stomach area, such as being over heavy, straining to have a bowel movement, or an intense or lifelong cough such as in smokers or individuals with asthma.


If you think you may have a prolapse, your doctor will speak to you and inspect you. You will have to have an internal inspection. The treatment recommended will depend on the kind and degree of the prolapse. In some females, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and changing their everyday activities might be all that is required. In severe cases, females will be recommended to have herbal treatment of uterus prolapse.