What Precisely is Uterine Prolapse?

Are you pregnant and do you want to stay well-informed about difficulties that might ascend during pregnancy? Do you experience an abnormal feeling or uneasiness in your pelvic region? Have you been to inspections and has your clinician mentioned something like a uterine or cervical prolapse during pregnancy? Are you anxious about the same and want to know more about it? If you nodded along or are simply inquisitive to know more, it is vital to know about uterine prolapse during pregnancy.

You uterus, or the womb in which your unborn baby will stay sheltered, is made of muscles. Ligaments and pelvic muscles help hold it in shape. Occasionally, the ligaments and pelvic muscles that support the uterus can stretch and become feeble. If this transpires, they will not be sturdy enough to support the uterus or womb any longer. In such a circumstance, you might struggle with something like a uterine or cervical prolapse.

In a uterine or cervical prolapse, the uterus will slide or sag from the place it is supposed to be. Once that happens, it will leave its position and enter the vagina instead, which is the birth channel for your baby. However, it is essential to note that the occurrence of uterine or cervical prolapse during pregnancy is quite infrequent.