Uterine Prolapse Treatment Non-Surgical

Learn About Some Preventive Methods Of Uterine Prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse tends to progress as females upsurge in age. This advocates that life-long prolapse management encompassing uterine prolapse treatment non-surgical methods such as pelvic floor muscle training and Ayurvedic medicines are imperative for females living with prolapse complications who are looking to avoid prolapse surgery. The medication is 100% natural and works to fortify the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments.

Prevention methods

Some females are at augmented risk of uterine prolapse. Simple preventive measures consist of:

  • pregnancy – pelvic floor workouts throughout pregnancy
  • vaginal childbirth – post-partum pelvic floor workouts
  • post-menopause – oestrogen cream to boost wearying hormone levels and pelvic floor exercises
  • obesity – loss of surplus belly fat with dietary alterations and regular workout
  • chronic constipation – it is idyllic if you have big, soft, formed stools. Generally, eating heaps of fruit, veggies and fiber and drinking lots of water will help. Avoid straining when using your bowels. Manage chronic constipation in discussion with your doctor
  • other conditions – treat underlying ailments (like asthma and chronic bronchitis) in consultation with your physician

Tips for treating prolapse symptoms

  • losing weight
  • Losing weight particularly stomach fat (if you are over heavy)
  • Revising posture
  • Handling your bowels using correct bowel emptying method
  • Using a support pessary
  • Managing of chronic chest disorders that cause coughing
  • Modifying hostile lifestyle elements (e.g. using safe lifting methods)
  • Staying strong and fit with pelvic floor safe workouts